Eternal Sunshine of the Rustfmt'ed Mind

I will be giving a talk at Rustconf this year about Rustfmt and code formatters. The abstract is:

How does Rustfmt work? How could it work better? (Demonstrated by a working prototype). Or worse? How did we persuade the Rust community to stop arguing about tabs vs spaces (and other more contentious topics) and start using a consistent code style across nearly every crate in the ecosystem?

I'm really excited about giving this talk because code formatters are kind of cool and their design is surprisingly interesting. Since I stopped working on Rustfmt, I've been playing around with different designs and I'm looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts and lessons learned.

Code formatters are useful for individual developers, but I think the most important benefit is having a consistently enforced style across the ecosystem. Therefore, the social issues around code formatting are also really interesting. I'm excited to talk a bit about these issues (and their intersection with the technical issues) and the work of the style team in making Rustfmt a success.

I'm really looking forward to attending Rustconf in person (it will be my first in-person conference or Rust meetup since before Covid), hopefully I'll catch up with lots of old friends from the community and meet lots of new and cool people. Please find me and say 'hi' if you'll also be there!

Appendix: talk title

I had no idea what to title this talk. I like the title I came up with, but I also liked 'Formatted Away' and 'My Neighbour Rustfmt'. I prefer those films, but I think the 'Eternal Sunshine' title is more appropriate for the talk.