Leaving the Rust core team

I'm stepping down from Rust's core team. It's my last official involvement with Rust, and I'm kinda sad about leaving. Rust is exciting and important, and I love the community and technology. It has been a joy and an education to work with the core team; they are good people.

I stopped working full-time on Rust early in 2019 when I left Mozilla. I have been contributing as part of my work at PingCAP (big thank you for that support!) and in my own time, but have had much less time for the work than it deserves. My wife and I are expecting a second daughter any day now, and I think that will nuke my remaining spare time, and any availability I have left for Rust work. Good timing for me to make space on the core team, and to focus on my databases/distributed systems work.

I hope to remain active in the community, and hopefully next year, once things have settled down a bit at home, I can again contribute regularly.

Ultrasound image of my daughter
My next project, pre-launch