Work news!

(This blog post is an edited version of posts on social media, slightly edited and posted here for completeness/further reach).

I'm preparing a training course to teach performance engineering to Rust programmers. It's aimed at engineers with a background in high-level languages (Go, Python, Java, ...) moving to Rust to write high performance, systems-level code. It will quickly get you up to speed with profiling and optimisation, give you an understanding of how system architecture and Rust's design affect performance, and get you writing blazing-fast code. First dates should be in August. More details soon...

In the mean-time, I have some availability for 1:1 or small-group Rust coaching or advisory consulting. Level-up your team's Rust expertise or learn more about adopting Rust in your org. I bring over ten years of Rust experience, deep understanding from being part of multiple Rust teams, and experience of fostering adoption of Rust at Microsoft.

Finally, I'll be looking for software development/team augmentation/library maintenance contracts from June-ish. Ideally using Rust for database implementation, distributed systems, or developer tools. Short or medium term.

If you're interested in any of these, please reach out via