Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Multithreaded fork appears flaky on OSX (#14232)

Process didn't exit successfully: ... (signal: 4) in tests (#25089)

Rust 1.0.0 tarball does not have proper permissions on directories. (#25479)

Make `align_of` behave like `min_align_of`. (#25646)

Combining explicit T: Sized and T: ?Sized bounds is silently accepted and results in T: Sized. (#25776)

Beta-nominated issues

std: Make abs() panic on overflow in debug mode (#25441, closed)

std: Implement lowering and raising for process IO (#25494, closed)

std: Fix missing stability on iter::Cloned (#25496, closed)

std: Reexport std::net::tcp::Incoming (#25522, closed)

Remove build date from the output of --version (#25821, closed)

std: Stabilize a number of new fs features (#25844, open)

collections: Make BinaryHeap panic safe in sift_up / sift_down (#25856, closed)

Remaining issues

Float printing and/or parsing is inaccurate (#24557)

Passing a `Fn` to an `fn` now requires explicit lifetimes for the `Fn` and all references passed to it when invoked (#25310)

`str::contains` is very slow for substring checks (#25483)

In macros, `$($x:expr),*` fragments can be used to bypass future-proofing restrictions (#25658)

[[T]] is allowed in structs (#25692)

Implied bounds on nested references + variance = soundness hole (#25860)

unsafe: ScopedKey allows for Sync-ification of non-Sync data (#25894)

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