These Weeks in Dev-Tools, issue 2


Welcome to the 2nd issue of these weeks in dev-tools! We've had a bunch of tools releases, some new people joining the team, and some accepted RFCs. We're also just getting into the impl period. We're hoping the impl period can be a time where we really push forward on Rust tools. There's lots of interesting issues, so pick one, chat to a mentor, and get stuck in!

These Weeks in Dev-Tools will keep you up to date with all the exciting dev tools news. We plan to have a new issue every few weeks. If you have any news you'd like us to report, please comment on the tracking issue.

If you're interested in Rust's developer tools and want to contribute or ask questions, come chat to us in #rust-dev-tools.


  • We got a website for finding Rust issues to work on - lots of tools issues!
  • @fitzgen and @matklad have become full members of the dev-tools team. @tromey has become a dev-tools peer for debuggers. Announcement.
  • Clippy and Rustfmt were added to rust-lang/rust repo as submodules. This is the first step towards better stability by running their tests on Rust's CI and distribution with Rustup.
  • The RLS is now available in beta. Install it with rustup component add rls-preview. It should hit stable with version 1.21. The rls component is being renamed to rls-preview on nightly too.
  • A Rust Docker image was upstreamed by @sfackler.
  • rust-semverver is a tool for automatically checking semver adherence.
  • Rustdoc produces docs for the std libs for all platforms (including Windows!) - #43348
  • @booyaa gave a talk on the RLS
  • @Xanewok is giving a talk about the RLS at Rustfest.
  • Clippy has new lints: infinite_iter, maybe_infinite_iter, and naive_bytecount.
  • Bindgen can time its phases (thanks to @jhod0!) - --time-phases.



  • 1615 - Let Cargo [and other tools] put data into platform-specific directories - almost ready for FCP
  • 1946 - intra-rustdoc links - merged!
  • 1990 - add external doc attribute to rustc - merged!
  • 2103 - attributes for tools - merged!
  • 2117 - debuggable macro expansions - ready for experimental implementation