These Weeks in Dev-Tools, issue 4


Welcome to the 4th issue of these weeks in dev-tools! We've re-organised the
teams a little bit and have been working hard towards the 2018 edition release.

These Weeks in Dev-Tools will keep you up to date with all the exciting dev
tools news. We plan to have a new issue every few weeks. If you have any news
you'd like us to report, please comment on the tracking issue.

If you're interested in Rust's developer tools and want to contribute or ask
questions, come chat to us on Gitter.


  • Dev tools in 2018 (roadmap and team reogranisation).
  • Announcing cargo src - a semantic code browser.
  • Announcing mutagen - a mutation testing framework.
  • Report from the Rust all-hands.
  • Work on Rustfix is ramping up in preparation for the edition release; call for contribution coming soon.
  • The Clippy working group have performed a lint audit; blog post coming soon.
  • @Xanewok added support for nested diagnostics to the RLS with VSCode, that means proper support for the details in Rust error messages.
  • The mulitple crate versions lint has been added to Clippy.
  • Rustfmt is getting a new CLI and API.



  • 2282 - Cargo custom profiles (merged)
  • 2436 - Rust formatting guidelines (style guide)
  • 2437 - Rustfmt stability


  • David Alber has been doing awesome work on Rust's highfive, including loads of tests. He now has commit access.
  • Racer is getting new maintainers - Yuji Kanagawa has stepped up already and more will be coming. Thanks to @jwilm for awesome work on Racer over the past few years.


Find all meeting notes here, some highlights: